Loan Stars: Get more ARCs by beefing up your NetGalley profile

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Have you been aching to read that next great book that you’re sure will be a Loan Stars top pick? Here are some simple tips to improve your NetGalley profile that will help increase your chances of having your requests approved.

By now we’re sure you’ve heard about Loan Stars, the readers’ advisory service where librarians across the country nominate and vote for their favourite forthcoming titles—many of which are available as digital ARCs through NetGalley. And the earlier you request them, the more time you have to read a wide array of upcoming books, which means you’ll have more options to vote for!

To help you read to your heart’s content, we have five pro tips for improving your NetGalley profile that will get your request approved and ARCs into your hands:

Talk about yourself

Update your profile with vital information, including:

  • the name of your library in the company field
  • the library type you work for (e.g., academic, public, elementary school)
  • your status as a ‘Canadian Librarian’
  • a user pic, which goes a long way to showing publishers that you are a real reviewer and not an alien robot

Work on that bio

Add details to your biography, such as:

  • your role and responsibilities at the library, including your experience and the audiences you reach
  • the title ‘Loan Stars Reviewer‘ 

Show your interconnectivity

Link to relevant websites that show your online presence, such as:

  • your library website
  • blogs or websites where you post reviews
  • social media (if you talk about books on there!)
  • and, of course,

Flash that adult badge

Use your professional, not personal, email address and add ‘Loan Stars Reviewer’ to your list of associations along with any others to which you belong. 

Everyone loves feedback.

Provide feedback for the books you’ve already read through NetGalley. Feedback can include:

  • a simple rating out of five stars
  • a full review of the book (as we mentioned in #3, remember to provide links to your reviews on your profile and notify the publisher of your dedication!)
  • comments on the outcome of reading an ARC, such as your library’s interest in stocking the title and/or promoting it as a staff pick

NetGalley recommends maintaining a feedback rate of 80%, which means providing some sort of feedback on 80% of the books you’re sent through NetGalley, in order to improve your chances of receiving more books in the future.

Publishers view your profile before deciding whether or not to approve your ARC request, so take some time to give it a thorough polish.

Have any additional questions about using NetGalley? You can visit their Knowledge Base for helpful tips and information about the site, and to contact their friendly support team.


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