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CataList is an online digital catalogue service that is ripe with opportunity for publishers. Did you know that you can offer reading copies of your forthcoming books to bloggers, librarians, and really anyone with a CataList account? Or that users can read a sample and/or excerpt instantly on your Title View page? Well, it’s all true. And where there’s a reading copy, sample, or interior image, there’s a chance that forthcoming book could become a Loan Stars pick. Get your content in front of library users by taking advantage of these CataList tools: If you’re interested in working with the Loan Stars Program, please contact the Loan Stars team. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters to have publisher-oriented marketing opportunities and Loan Stars updates sent directly to your inbox.


You can find print-ready posters for each month's list(s) in the Adult and Jr. archives. Feel free to download and/or print these other pieces of Loan Stars collateral to distribute as you see fit. Want something not listed here? Let us know.

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  • Download the Loan Stars Adult top pick badges (PDF, PNG)
  • Download the Loan Stars Jr. top pick badge (PDFPNG)
  • Download the Loan Stars logo (black-type version) (PDF)
  • Download the Loan Stars logo (white-type version) (PDF)

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