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Give your books the chance to become Loan Stars

Each month, the forthcoming books with the most orders make up the Loan Stars top 10 lists. These lists are shared with the media, public libraries, and readers. To be eligible for top pick status, a book must be:
  • publishing for the first time;
  • forthcoming;
  • English-language;
  • on order at reporting libraries and,
  • listed in CataList.
Use CataList to promote your books to librarians and libraries. You can encourage libraries to order your titles and add them to their collection by offering samples and excerpts or reading copies in CataList. There is also a NetGalley catalogue that lists digital ARCs that may be available to librarians. Canadian libraries that report their data to LibraryData inform the on order numbers that are used to produce the Loan Stars lists. Ask your library contacts if they are reporting their data to LibraryData. Signing up is easy and the best way to contact the LibraryData team and start the conversation. Last but not least, sign up for our newsletters to hear about the latest top 10 lists!


You can find print-ready posters for each month's lists in the Adult and Jr. archives. For the specialty lists, check the Loan Stars Twitter and Instagram for the latest offerings. Feel free to download and/or print these other pieces of Loan Stars collateral to distribute as you see fit.

Website material

  • Download the Loan Stars Adult top pick badges (PDF, PNG)
  • Download the Loan Stars Jr. top pick badge (PDFPNG)
  • Download the Loan Stars logo (black-type version) (PDF)
  • Download the Loan Stars logo (white-type version) (PDF)

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