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What books are essential for Canadian libraries?

If you’re a Canadian library staffer (that is, you are currently employed by a Canadian library system) we pose this question to you: What forthcoming books do you recommend to patrons across Canada?

We appeal to your professional opinion. We want to know what books you consider gems, but Canadians might not find on their own. And all that’s required to express your thoughts each and every month is a free CataList account.

How to participate in Loan Stars:


Create or log in to your CataList account to access a plethora of library-oriented features, including the “Recommend” button visible on Loan Stars-eligible titles.


Be it by genre, publisher, title, ISBN, or author, you can find forthcoming, soon-to-be favourites by browsing through CataList. When you find an eligible Loan Stars title that’s of interest, there are a few ways you can investigate further:


Make your recommendations instantly by clicking the Recommend button and (optionally) leaving a review. Don’t worry, you can always come back and make changes until the end of the nomination period!


Recommend as many titles as you wish each and every month, but remember, you can only recommend each title once!

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You can find print-ready posters for each month's list(s) in the Adult and Jr. archives. Feel free to download and/or print these other pieces of Loan Stars collateral to distribute as you see fit. Want something not listed here? Let us know.

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