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Give your books the chance to become Loan Stars.

Loan Stars is a readers’ advisory service that allows library staff across Canada to collaboratively select their favourite forthcoming titles. Using CataList, library staff can nominate their favourite picks, the most popular of which will be marketed to libraries and library users alike each month. Libraries from all over Canada are already participating and voting for their favourite titles. Each month’s top titles will be widely promoted to readers through the Loan Stars website, social media and email marketing, media partners, digital and physical promotion in libraries across the country, and other channels currently being explored. The voting period for a particular title takes place entirely pre-publication, closing two months prior to its publication date. So, for example, the last day to vote for a title published anytime in October will be Aug. 31.

How can you make sure your books are considered?

  1. Add your forthcoming titles to CataList, the online digital catalogue tool used by the Canadian book industry. All adult fiction and non-fiction titles are eligible. Learn more about CataList or sign up for an account.
  2. Make sure library staff can find your ARCs, and that their ARC requests are being approved. Since voting takes place entirely pre-publication, ARCs are essential—otherwise, voters have nothing to base their votes on and your title may never make the list. NetGalley is CataList’s partner in providing ARCs to voting library staff. Learn more about how NetGalley workshow to get started, and how to recognize Loan Star Reviewer ARC requests on NetGalley.
  3. Alternatively, librarians can request ARCs directly from publishers through CataList. By enabling this option in your CataList account, librarians have more opportunities to review and vote for your books. For more information on how to enable reading copy requests for your CataList account, click here.
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